Floor plans

Good morning everyone,

All good designs starts with a floor plan, be it a kitchen, bathroom, living room, ect…

Creative designs use  a leading architectural software called 20-20 to execute all phases of floor plan designs. Creative designs will provide the clients and contractors with basic floor plans, to more elaborate 3-d plans, architectural top down view, to full view elevations in black & white to  full color spectrum.

Floor plans are used for several reasons, for the cabinet companies to price out the cost of cabinets , countertop companies for the pricing and the template , for the contractors to follow the plan and to be able to give a concise construction price according to the plans for  the client. Be it a GC, flooring contractors, tillers & plumbers.

All good designs starts with a floor plan, Floor Plans typically start at $250.00 so a good referral for me would be anyone just starting to think about renovations .