All good designs starts with a floor plan, be it a kitchen, bathroom, living room, ECT…

Creative Designs uses a leading architectural software called 20-20 to execute all phases of floor plan designs. This software allows the designer to design in 3-D rendering as well as color, with elevations. Creative Designs will provide the clients and General Contractors with basic floor plans, to more elaborate 3-d plans, architectural top down view, to full view elevations in black & white & full color spectrum.

Floor plans are used for several reasons, for the cabinet companies to price out the cost of cabinets, which 20-20 has the capacity to use specific cabinet lines in their plans such as the cabinet line of Omega & Dynasty. This way the clients get to see the exact door style of the cabinets, and moulding ECT… The plans are also used for  countertop companies to price out the materials to be used on the job site , for the contractors to follow the plans and to be able to give a concise construction price to the client .All good designs starts with a floor plan, Floor Plans typically start at $250.00 to $780.00 .

Whenever you start a renovation project be sure to call on a good Interior Designer, one that has the Knowledge and skills required to do as comprehensive set of floor plans. Creative Designs LLC ,Cambridge Mass, O#/ 617-354-4530. see below plans of a living room