10 mistakes made in Kitchen/Bath renovation

Last week I was interviewed by a writer from This Ole house magazine for a Publication that will come out in January 2012.

The subject was , what are the 10 worst mistake people make when they are renovating there kitchen/Bath.


1.   Not hiring a professional.

2.    My brother /or husband will do some of the work

3.    We don’t need a designer to do floor  plans

4.   we, ll get the contractor to  jot something down.    we can do our own floor plans

5.    Choosing a less expensive cabinet line

6.    Placement of doors, and windows, most people don’t know in which direction there kitchen faces.

7.   Not thinking about lighting till the very end

8.  Not knowing that most appliances today need designated outlets

9.  Not planning ahead

10. Unrealistic budgets


Even if you just did a $200.00 Consultation to find out about all of the above and more from a professional , wouldn’t it be worth the investments  not to make these costly mistakes !

Jean Marie Courtney Creative Designs